Who are we?

We are an indie game developer team, united by passion for our work and friendship since childhood.


«Not a small change, but a necessary optimization!»

Moscow, Russia

Programmer, founder and a modest man. He has dreamt of making games since childhood, started coding at the age 12 and can't imagine his life without it. He loves effective code, interesting tasks and cookies. He spends his spare time playing games and composing music.


«Where is it... ‘Layer 31’, ‘Layer 22 copy (3)’... oh, here it is!»

Novosibirsk, Russia

Media content generator - he makes everything starting from madskillz made in Paint to complete 3D models and renders. He started to code after RaZeR. Loves everything avant-garde.


«Logic ran past through this and refused to stay»

Praha, Czech Republic

Writer, musician and storehouse of ideas of different complicacy. He develops and debugs balance in games and holy wars at forums.


It's only part of all things we made - dozens of concepts and prototypes, and old projects which have been published on several communities are not displayed here. More to come!

Era of Bricks

Open gallery

Era Of Bricks is a strategy game which takes place in medieval world of brick toys. Immerse yourself in a new dimension where toys are alive! Build your own empire, fight off enemies, explore the land and waters of your unique world - all of this in gorgeous atmosphere of bright colors and epic battles!

In development!

Pixel Game

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Pixel Game is a puzzle game where you control a pixel (and sometimes several pixels) in order to help them to reach the level's exit - you must use different mechanisms like buttons, doors and teleporters to accomplish this.

Levels can be created and modified in any graphical editor - the tutorial is avalaible on Wiki on project's Github page.

🔗 Windows (Alpha Demo)

🔗 Android (Github)